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my tears drop again....

thinking about it make my tears drop again... and i my heart feel sick..... i wish i didnt have to experience this... but it too hard to push away from my mind.... ya Allah help me... i really need help this time.... always pray after solat ask Allah to help me... but when it related to heart make it much harder.... liking someone made me like this... i already promise myself, no more tears when get tested and i must be istiqamah in doing that.... but my tears drop again.... knowing him is the best thing happen to me... but, making him knowing me is harder.... i dont know what his first impression about me and im become curious to know... but i dont think i will get know it... just want think i know, my heart like him so much... and i cannot denied about it... who is the guy let keep it secret... until now, nobody know him even my friends dont know about him... keep  
this thing secret make me feel the burden more than usual... i like him but i dont want him to know... what i feel is too early....

~nabila athirah~