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this week practical..

after cameback from holiday for deepa, my friends and i will be practical at Melor 2, paediatric unit at our hospital... oh!! not this ward c0z i already imagine that we will be b0red there. not many things that we can do. since we student nurse are forbidden to give feeding to baby there. first day at melor 2 not many job we do. just doing admission, bed making like usual, helping staffnurse and everything seems fine to us. we worked by shift like staffnurse. on saturday, sunday and monday i'am working on the morning shift (7am til 2pm). on monday, my roomate which also work with me told me something after she came back from evening shift. on that day, there is an admission which is unknown baby from district hospital. before this, that baby stay in NICU (neonatal intensive care unit) bc0z of his condition. he was born on 4/11/12. until now, he been in Melor 2. he were thr0wn away by his mother. i feel sory for him. but, he was fortune coz staffnusrse and community nurse in that ward take a good care of him. feeding him by formula milk. he such a beautiful baby with nice skin, big eyes like wearing contact lens. s0 cute. everytime i passed acute bay, i always stop there to have a look at him. everytime i look at him, i can feel my tears fall d0wn. s0 sad. i cant imagine how could his mother throw him away. i'm asking staffnurse there, what will be happen to this baby when doctor give discharge to him. that staffnurse said someone already want to adopt that child. that person is staff from ICU. i hope that baby will be cared properly by his new family. and for that ICU staff, may Allah bless you with the good you have done.

p/s: hoping that there are no more cases like this. already make sin by doing fornicate,please dont make another sin by throw away or kill the child. we dont know what Allah will pay to us towards our act. so, stay away from negative behaviour and be a good person.