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Hi girls, I'm quite happy to see this blog - been active recently. Nice job girls. Me is updating about all of you, hehe.

It has been two weeks since the college started. And we got soooo many changes and I'm not very happy with those.

1) All this while, we do not own any keys for our rooms. But now, admins told us to have a key for each and  everyone of us. Why? Yeah, cases everywhere. There is no more Lost and Found, only Lost. Laptops, hand phones, cameras, money, etc. I don't know why. Before this, KMS is the second safest place after our own homes I've ever known. Well, we use to leave our phones, laptops on the tables at Dewan Selera, rooms, classes, and no one even cares. But maybe those attitudes trigger these 'kurang-asam-punya-orang' to steal our thingy. Should be more careful after his.

2) New menus, new tender for serving us food. Seems like we are practicing the way of the overseas students eat. Hell. We're in Malaysia, not yet OZ, NZ, India, UK, US, etc. Makan nasi sekali sehari during lunch. No tea time after Asar, dinner with *i don't know how to describe our dinner* and the payment is higher than before! How come?! Tak faham lah MARA ni. Tension tahu tak. Lapar macam mana nak study? Cer jawab. Dinner like those westeners sometimes, chicken chop, macaronis, soto in small bowl, mee that mee this all in small bowls. We need rice lah. Poor the guys, I know they eat a lot but still they serve those not-really-meals dinner. Ouch, me is hungry.

3) Director is complaining. I hate this. Let him be lah. I just wanna fly.

A lot to be complained but 'mood is swinging'. So, kbye.