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my mistake

oh no! suddenly i raise my word toward them. it was unintentionally. i didnt realise it until my friend scold me.   ops. how should i do now. im dead if i do it again. i didnt know what happen to me at that time. i think i should knew how to suppress my anger or my ustable emotion. coz its not good. it can gave a huge impact towards people around me if i cant control my anger. now im deal with it. i have to find away how to control it or supress it. my be i should done many istighfar. do a lot solat sunat, recite al quran or may be something. i also jot down in my azam 2013 to learn how to control my emotion. i hope i can manage it by the end of this year.. plezz du'a for me so ican do the best to control it.. i dont want myself carried away emotionally.

~nabila athirah~